5 Ways to Mould Children for Challenges in Life

Children grow up quick. Though we plan their todays’, it is a must that we think about their tomorrows’ too. As my child grows, I am able to find out more about her and that helps me take better decisions. However, as a parent, it is more important that I let her make her choices. Around her eighth month, when my daughter literally put everything she found on the floor in her mouth, I was at my wits end. For a week or two, I pulled things from her and yelled at her. However, this left us upset. She continued crawling fast and putting more things into her mouth and also tried to hide what she took from the floor. I was left with no idea on what to do. When we were in our room together, she took up something to put into her mouth. Since I already lost in that game, I just looked at her and asked her to give it to me. She obliged. I was surprised. I wasn’t sure what I did right for her to obey. I thought about it. It was very simple. I just looked at her, respected her and requested her. I understood children know right from wrong. They just need moulding. They learn a lot from what they see. This was such an eye-opener for me. 
From then, I started focussing on how my daughter responds to her surroundings. I learnt kids become what we mould them to be. It is how we groom their present that opens up a meaningful future and makes them a better individual. As a mother to a daughter and an aunt to a many nephews and nieces, I feel it is important to encourage children to focus on their challenging present since it opens up a beautiful future. When my friend became an IPS officer, I understood how sincerely she worked all through her life to become one. Her first step to success was her parents. They sincerely sat before her and explained about life as it is. Though it took her time to understand it, she said she realized what they meant during her IAS training.
My parents always encouraged us (my sister and I) and helped us build positive thoughts towards the Civil Services. My father wanted both of us to attempt Civil Service Exams and reminded us right through our college days. He believed we could make things better for people around us and choosing a challenging career would give us a challenging mindset and make us a better person. However, we had different thoughts then and we took up different fields. To our amazement, after almost 4 years now, my sister is preparing for her IAS examination. Though it is very difficult to succeed with a full time career, she has decided to enroll in an IAS Training Centre near our home. It’s the toughness that makes the Civil Services job very ideal for youngsters. 
My daughter looks up to her aunt. As much as she loves playing with her aunt she also admires her summersaults, I feel they make a good team. That makes it one step easy to help my little one focus on the challenges in life. As a parent, I feel it is my responsibility to mould my daughter to take up challenges in her life joyfully. Choosing a challenging career has its own benefits and it is the best way to grow up. Imagine training your children for a challenging career, be it IAS, IPS or IFS, a pilot, a gymnast, an athlete or an Aeronautical Engineer. Every one of it requires so much dedication, how about it being the ideal training for our kids? Here are 5 benefits of moulding our kids to become a better person who can change our home and country and make it a better place. What does a Challenging career do?
1. It Brings Independence

Understanding that every choice we make affects us and also the people around us, makes a person sit and think about their choices. It is not about wise decisions alone, it is about good decisions that make things better for themselves and for others. Analysing the pros from cons and still having the courage to move on with their decision is a tough thing. Listening to others, but making our own decisions is the best part of an independent individual. 

2. Power Brings Responsibility

A powerful career might look very appeasing on the outside. As much as power brings responsibility it also brings accountability in our lives. It is not about reporting to someone, it is about focussing on a larger good in our job. It is about the betterment of many lives. It is about making things better one place at a time. It is about seeing the change happen right in front of our eyes. It is seeing our country grow today setting a strong base towards good choices to many youngsters. It is about believing that doing good things is always worth it.

3. A Calm Mind and A Fit Body

A challenging career will make a person get into the depths of every subject before spilling out words. Isn’t reading the first success to become a great leader? When we understand, every little detail counts and every little thing makes a difference, we learn to appreciate them. This also brings more gratitude towards our life and our career. We would not fall prey to little annoyances and also learn to see people for who they are and what they really want. Working for the people of our country always yields greater satisfaction than anything. Health is the first goal and it is easier when set with a greater goal. Fitness falls into the list and becomes a daily habit and a way of life.

4. Learning from Failures

Not every decision we make is going to bring good, not every turn we take is going to be our destination. So, it is important to fail. It is more important to get back up and learn from our mistakes. Our mistakes teach us more than our successes. All our mistakes have always taught us one good lesson about ourselves and our lives. A challenging career would bring her lots of failures. Not everyone is going to shake their heads and accept to everything she says. So, she will learn much from her failures. She will learn to analyse about her strengths and weaknesses from her failures and change it. It is about becoming her own teacher. Correcting herself and moving on.

5. Humble and Kind

Mistakes make us humble. Helping others makes us kind. These are the ideal characteristics of a great leader. Though failures break us, it also opens us to many good things around us. A fuelled mind will always focus on learning from what is available. It is the first step to becoming a happy person and a successful person. Creating happiness is more important than depending on it. It is also about paving a better road for the generations to come.

I am glad to see parenting on a lighter note now. Earlier I used to stress about many things. Now, this has given me a clear vision on parenting and makes it an interesting path to tread on. Apart from the children, it also gives a grand vision and mission to parents. Let our children become great leaders who bring change in our country and make it our APJ’s pride as he always envisioned.

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  1. Those are some important lessons and as you go along, I am sure you will be able to help your daughter grow into an intelligent and thoughtful girl. That example you gave is I think so right about children. They need to see what is being told and why.

  2. I loved the clarity in your post. I never thought about it this way. Challenging jobs are great and now I look at them from different perspective.

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