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Ah. I was waiting to start this post tomorrow only to realize it’s February. Though the shortest month, this one was really long for me. As I write this, I am still wondering if I really had any notable moments this month. I believe the whole month is notable, mainly because I “noted down” everything ?

Lucky that I made time to journal this whole month. My unusually good memory took a back seat because of the busy mode this month. Apart from the regular errands, I had to focus on Ilakkiya’s medicines and new food results for the first half of this month. Since Husband was on a work trip some of his tasks took priority too. I am glad I read it all before writing this post. I am happy to see that I had many wonderful moments this month. The more I work to simplify my life and myself, the more complex it is becoming. I am considering it as a good sign personally because I am becoming aware of myself.
Ilakkiya’s fever kept me occupied for the first two weeks. She needed me every minute she was awake. When she was fast asleep, I hardly left her side. These kids, I wonder how they find out if we take a step outside! I had to either carry her or be next to her. She had fever during the first week as expected. She recovered during the second week. Since the Husband was on a work trip, I found it difficult in the mornings to run my morning tasks. When she started to recover, we visited mom’s place. Some fresh breeze and change of place actually felt better. Her 9th month vaccine was also done per schedule. The doctor was kind enough to wait for us that day since we were stuck in traffic and reached late. 
Thanks to Kindle! This was my savior this month. I made time to read before I slept. Well, it is also a reason I wrote lesser posts this month. Thanks to #WednesdayVerses, it kept my blog alive this month. I read almost everything I could lay my hands on.
Here’s what I read this month:
  • A Hundred Little Flames by Preeti Shenoy – Somehow reading a Preeti’s book means you are sure to encounter a relationship twist. The main reason why I don’t prefer reading her books! I like the way she describes other things! Be it about scenic Kerala or touring Pondicherry. The only thing that kept me going was the relationship between a grandson and grandfather. It reminded me of my maternal grandparents. Especially my grandmother with whom I share everything without thinking twice.
  • The Wedding Tamasha by Sudha Nair – A genuine read because of the similarity to my story.
  • One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat – I think I will not read Chetan Bhagat’s books anymore.
  • Ganesha’s Secret: Food alone does not satisfy hunger by Devdutt Pattanaik – It is entertaining to read books like this. I love Lord Ganesha and somehow see him as a good friend. He looks cute, right? I always read myths and facts about Indian Gods. The story about Kubera and Ganesha was something I shared with my brother-in-law’s son during our story time.
Currently reading When Breath becomes air by Paul Kalanithi. I am taking it very slow because it is very absorbing and his thought process is so natural that there is a hint of death everywhere. It makes me sad. I think about it so much that I left the book down for a week now. 
I cleaned one place everyday for two weeks this month. I felt more clean. The best part about being in a small room is the easiness of keeping only what is needed. However, the worst is how quickly it gets cluttered. I spent one week just arranging my table everyday. I am still not satisfied with the way it looks. Sometimes it is better to leave things as it is. Cleaning takes the most time in a day and it is a routine in itself. Since I am still feeding my little one, I keep my cleaning schedules before bath time. 
I am reading a lot about bullet journals and I have taken up Bullet Journal Challenge in Instagram. I am in my third week of Self-Care and it has definitely helped me look into myself. I am opening up to myself. I am learning about me. I am silent on the outside and do a lot of talking on the inside with myself to know where I am in each section. 
See what I found from @vivekvasantha After reading a post about time blocking from @shailajav’s blog. . . Much needed. ? #Rensta #Repost: @bulletjournal via @renstapp ··· “ A self-care experience! #Repost @tinyrayofsunshine with @get_repost ・・・ We’re excited to present the highly anticipated Self-Care #BulletJournalChallenge! • The act of journaling itself is a massively beneficial form of Self-Care, and we believe that it’s a powerful way to transform and shape our lives into what we’d like them to be. • We’ve listened to your suggestions and we’ve created what we believe will be a great Self-Care experience. It will consist of weekly topics related to different areas of self-care. We’ll guide you with weekly posts on our Instagram and Facebook channels to help you figure out your very own self-care plan. It will span over the course of two months to allow for enough time to develop the self-care habit. • These topics and ideas are contributions from our lovely community (that’s you!), we are immensely grateful to be able to say that this challenge was made for the Bullet Journal community, by the Bullet Journal community. • To join the challenge: 1. Reflect on the week’s topic and share why and how you manage that part of your life with a photo and complementing explanation. 2. Add #BulletJournalChallenge to your post so everyone can find and enjoy your insights. 3. Follow along with @BulletJournal & @TinyRayofSunshine 4. Join the #BulletJournalChallenge Facebook group if you’d like 5. Feel free to join in whenever, even if it’s long after the challenge has finished. This is an experience that can be enjoyed whenever you are ready. Learn more at: bulletjournal.com/self-care-challenge #BulletJournal #BuJo ”
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I found time to catch-up with friends this month. They make my world brighter than it is. I learn a lot from them with everything they share. After I met my girls, I am refreshed. We used to sit under a tree and relish our lunch prepared by our mothers. Now, after these many years, we decided on a potluck and enjoyed the food we prepared under a roof together. We chatted like there is no tomorrow in the little time we got without kids. It was nice to see the kids getting along with each other. Looking forward to more such meets.

Being a housewife isn’t easy as one thinks. Well, that one used to be me too! It was my very own choice to leave my job and stay at home for the first three years after marriage. Though I used to regret my decision, I am slowly getting the hang of being the housewife. Though people have changed it as a homemaker to make it look better, I still prefer the former. Taking care of the house – right from doing the chores to knowing what is where when anyone needs it to doing all the inside and outside work, it is hectic. Since its a transition phase for me before taking up another job, it looks like a good long term project that opens up new horizons for me. After all, home management is one lesson that helps us for a lifetime wherever we live. I am a learner and that helps best here in learning to handle comments passed every once in a while.

I managed to wake up between 7AM to 9AM this month. I inhaled and exhaled slowly and sincerely for the first two weeks and the next two just went past me. 7AM is a good start for me at the moment.
My sister has applied at Teach For India and is in her final round this month. I am excited about the whole process since she always wanted to teach and this will be a very good opportunity for her. She took the aptitude test at my home before three weeks. Now she will be taking a full day session at a school as part of the interview process. Keeping fingers crossed! Hoping All goes Well. 
A recent habit of taking a mind note of the health of the elders at home has become very important to me. My parents, my grandmother and my in-laws are on top of the list. I am sincerely trying to make time for some exercise everyday. ? I walked so much during pregnancy and now I am in this long rest. Well, I really need to go on walks. I miss fresh air. 
I spoke less this month. I don’t know why, somehow I am not talking unless there is a need to. Something in me is wanting me to keep quiet and I am trying to listen to it.
Overall, this month was a wonderful experience personally. I feel blessed for a wonderful family, an amazing partner and a sweet baby who is growing quick. I am thankful for listening to myself. The friend in me has overruled the critic in me. 

Joining Vidya Sury’s Gratitude Circle.

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8 Comments on “A notable month #GratitudeCircle”

  1. An interesting month, eh? I used to do the journaling too, I did it a lot last year as I was going through a rough patch. I still write down a lot of things, it helps me see things better 🙂

    The lil one being sick was sad, I'm glad she's doing better now.

    Kudos on finding time for reading, you know how important that is to me.

    Here's wishing you a fab March, Jay.

    Lots of love <3

  2. Wow, You read a lot last month along with all the other tasks. When kids get sick it is really hard on parents. Hope your little girl is feeling better.
    Wishing you a great month ahead! 🙂

  3. Choosing to be home maker is quite demanding, like it or not the house work never ends, and there is always something to do, glad to hear that you have been reading so much, and nice to know that you are connected with your friends, they bring in a lot of sunshine and fresh lease of energy in us… glad to read your post, and may you have love, peace and harmony as the new month dawns:)

  4. Thanks so much, Soumya!! Looks like an interesting month! ? That's the exact reason I journal and I love it. It makes me see things in a different perspective. She is doing better now. I love how you read and I definitely know how important it is and how it helps us get out a lot of things!

  5. Thanks a lot for dropping by, Vinitha. Reading keeps me out of petty troubles. ? It is true. How clingy they get and we cannot even scold them for being like that. Especially when they can't express how they feel. She is recovering now. Happy March.

  6. Aww. Thanks so much, Angela. It is very true. I am glad to write these posts because I am happy to know I do other things too apart from just running the household errands.

    Friends bring sunshine, rains and the rainbow too.

    Wishing you a happy March!!

  7. Glad you read and found time to write. I have a journal that I use for usual scheduling and then penning things I am grateful for. I started with Bullet Journal a couple of years ago and gave up. I enjoy my modified version 😉

    have a good month ahead!

  8. The bullet journal sounds interesting. I have been meaning to delve into it since sometime now; Maybe your post is what is going to inspire me to get into it!! You had a very eventful month and hopefully next one will be equally blessed.

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