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When I think of my school days I am proud enough to say that I participated in some of the track events and field events and loved being in the cheering team. Though I am not basically a sports person I have enjoyed watching many sports events and I love cheering the team as this is the best way to encourage the players. I have learned so much from my friend who are athletes and are in various other fields of sports. I have not just been a part of their wins but also I have been with them during their failures also. I have learnt more during their failures. Mainly about their willingness to work hard till they win and their determination and their focussed spirit. I have seen my friend cry many times in pain but even then the encouraging words will make her come back and rock. “No pain No gain” is apt in the case of all the sports events. My favorite events are

Tennis, All time favorite Roger,

Athletics mainly Track events, legends like PT Usha and recently Usain Bolt ,

Khade from India, Stephanie and Phelps in Swimming,

Badminton for Saina Nehwal

Basket Ball, Dwayne Wade and Michael Jordan

Here I have uploaded one of my favorite video from SportsVids Its the best one stop shop for all the Sports videos.

Mercedes Benz Play of the Week
I love watching tennis and my favorite player is Roger though he is now in position 2 now. I have enjoyed watching the ambience that usually surrounds the stadium when Roger plays especially against Nadal. Well my favorite is the “45 shots” video which I have watched many times repeatedly. Excellent shots, though at the end Hewitt wins that point. Excellent commentary along with this mind blowing play!

Federer & Hewitt Tennis RallyClick here for more sports videos

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  1. hey,
    looks like a lot of money is being made and good work.Roger is great but Sampras is the greatest.And if Usha and Bolt ran together it would be great fun-like when Usha has reached say 50m,Bolt would have finished the race.Felix is the best.Wade?He is good but my main man is Kevin Garnett.What about football and cricket?

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