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It’s not just getting trendy about clothes. Gadgets matter so much right now for every single person and right now mobile phones have become a person’s other half or almost the “Best friend or best part” of any person! As for me I used two mobiles in four years. As soon as I finished my 12th i got a gift for my birthday, an alcatel mobile which i felt was too small for my small palm! I hardly used it for a year and the whole intent for both ma sister and myself was for a nice game that the mobile had. 🙂

Then seeing the way both ma sister and myself handle the mobile or even play with it my dad only suggested a nokia 3315 for us 🙁 which i used for nearly 2.5 to 3 yrs. though its a basic model i felt so comfortable and proud about my mobile bcoz of its sound quality and i used it as a weapon to protect myself at times of fight wit ma frenz. I throw it at them, hey ppl just rarely i am not very harsh.. Now I just could not really believe that i own a nokia 7500 which looks extremely stylish. Today being the first day of its use i am feeling fine except for the sound while talkin without the earphones. Especially in noisy environments. I was attracted to this gadget by its looks at the first place and then by thinking about the 512 MB memory card i get along with the mobile. Iam feeling so comfortable with the keypad and i can message in the same way i used to in my 3315. Its really nice.

The pros of this mobile I feel from single day use are

–> music player is good
–> photo is good when there is good lighting
–> phone book capacity,1000 entries are possible
–> good message capacity(haven’t tried it yet) will update about it
–> color bands give some attraction
–> keypad is fine jus not with its looks but also in typing
–> background color and other customizable options are really good
–> looks excellent
–> the pouch looks good
–> 2MP camera

The cons I must say are
–> first and foremost the lifetime of the battery is quite less. It said 2.8 hours which is also less
–> only certain things can be customized. the backlighting is not customizable
–> sound clarity in noisy environments is worse 🙁
–> The 5 way key is a little difficult to use.
–> NO DATA CABLE. this is something they must surely provide.
–> security wise ie if the mobile is lost the only way is to lodge a complaint and block the SIM whereas in SAMSUNG E740 you have a facility to find out the person who has inserted his/her SIM without their knowledge of the security feature.

Well as of now I am kinda satisfied about the mobile and i got it for 8000. Black color is attractive. But some people may not find it too attractive. I feel the mobile is really good. I know its the first day. I’ll keep updating you readers!


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