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Oru deivam thanda Poo! :)

Super Excited!!I just came by to drop a very small post to say that I am really super happy coz my cousin sister gave birth to a boy baby on the 11th of July! 😀I’m his aunt(athai), though i’ve kinda 😛 threatened her to make him call me only akka(didi,elder ….

To Fish, With Love

Wrapped all nice is a gift that will be shared with Love to our dear Meenu!!She is Special!An affectionate creature!A lovely creature!!She scolds me!She fights with me!But she has never made me feel lonely!Her smile defines the kind of person she is!She is known for her memory as well, doesn’t forget a ….

Much awaited

Mood: Satisfied! 😀 Much awaited blog design. I’ve been waiting for months to get this done. I saw this blog design before months in another blog and wanted this exact design for my blog!! There are still a few changes to be done! The blog feed and the comments part. ….

Have a nice day Nurse!!

How should I define a Nurse?? The cute angel who comes and helps the patient 24/7 with a cute smile which lights up the dull patient’s room. This is how I have seen in all the movies. But in reality it is a tedious and a critical job to be ….

Home Sweet Home

After 7 months of ‘intense’ training in mysore I am back here in Chennai.. Hey people don’t think I was chucked out.. 😛 I got my posting back to my hometown and enjoyed last weekend at home.. Though the tedious phase of working in a project for 10 t0 12 ….


Planning a outing as well as buliding a house has become soemething very tough nowadays.. Planning to get a readymade house is equivalently tough as buying a plot and building a house. Since the land resources are not available very easily it is better to go for suggestions from a ….

Tat’s the One-IMPULSE

Wow!!! The taste of Big Apple and the scent of caramel and jasmine. These are the fragrances that I adore. I enjoy using Impulse… It makes me feel great n bubbly and fresh.. The limited edition versions of IMPULSE New-York and Paris are indeed the two set of fragrances that ….

back home for the weekend

HI!!!!! How you guys doing?? I am back from Mysore for the weekend. Sorry guys its been a long time since I wrote something in my blog.. I have come here after quite sometime. A 3 day trip to home.. What to do?? Job’s like that!! 🙂 SO how are ….

Web hosting

The internet has created a revolution in a big way. Webmasters have sprung up like moss on a garden path. With the availability of many opportunities people would like to offer services. One such service that is offered to webmasters is web hosting. Web hosting is a boon to many ….