Children Of God

Can you guess this man? Is he 60 or 70?


Jus in case you are guessing this person’s age don’t be shocked to know that this kid will hardly be a teenager and that he is suffering from progeria.



A topic that has very lately put me to
hard thinking is Amitabh’s character in the upcoming movie “Paa”.Cheeni Kum’s Director Balki has given Amitabh a bulky role to perform. The fact was the photo which I saw in google news channel.

The kid in the photo almost brought tears in my eyes. I was unaware of such a prominent fact(No calling names like disease. It hurts). Though many believe it was amitabh dressed as a progeria kid what matters to me is the pain of the kid. I was in a shocked state and so immediately i started browsing and found some traumatizing facts about this disease. Here are some details about this:

Progeria is also known as “Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome” and “Hutchinson–Gilford syndrome” is an extremely rare, severe, genetic condition wherein symptoms resembling aspects of aging that are manifested at an early age. Though the number of cases worldwide has been 40 plus but lesser than 50, I found a family wherein 3 out 7 members in the family had progeria. The origin of this disease is Bihar. The children age at a fast pace. I have shown here the photo 3 kids of the same family who are suffering from progeria. Look at the kids smiling in that photo. It gives immense pleasure in seeing it but at the same time it makes me think what is happening here god? Why these small babies! 🙁

Well,wanted to cover some more details about Progeria. Mainly the symptoms:
As the child ages past infancy, additional conditions become apparent. Limited growth, alopecia, and a distinctive appearance (small face and jaw, pinched nose) are all characteristic of progeria. People diagnosed with this disease usually have small, fragile bodies, like those of elderly people. They tend to develop cardio problems also.

While browsing through the sites i dint find any treatments for progeria. I dont want to call it a disease. It hurts. But i read about one particluar point that conveys that this is possible when parents are first degree cousins. I did not do a very deep research about this but I went through one organization in Kolkatta that takes of the three kids mentioned in the above photo.
I would like everybody to support this movie and a sincere request to amitabhji and team. I know this movie wil definitely be a hit. Try to donate a part of the profit to the organisation where these kids are present. It would be so grateful of you to do it Sir! I am sincerely telling that each one of us should contribute some amount that we can to these kids and make them live happy as they are the children more close to god! 🙂 Take Care Kids!
P.S: please pass on your comments about this. We can make the world a better place! 🙂

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