Could the man be vishal??

Finding trisha kannan and vishal in many cafe chatting together and spending enough time
with each other it’s now the kodambakkam talk. Trisha loves to be in the lime-light most of the times mainly for the controversies she creates for herself. Let it be the ECR beach party or a party where she was slapped by the wife of a police officer for creating public nuisance or for the so-called threats that was created by her for nayantara in her previous movies. Now the mere reason being Vishal with whom she was supposed to team up for the movie sathyam. Finding trisha and vishal together in a lot of places especially in cafe in nungambakkam sharing gifts and chatting and talkin over the phone is now being high enough for all after the simbu-nayan pair. Let’s see if this is again for publicity!

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