Day 2 – Send 5 people a gratitude text

This is comparatively a difficult challenge to me than yesterday’s. Find my Day 1 post here.
I just felt a bit shy to share the details of gratitude in person to family and sometimes to Friends. I say a thank you to God everyday for being blessed with a family like this, especially after some awesome time spent today together and also for a partner like T and his family. And for friends who I slowly getting to know about. And after I took time to sit and think about how things could have been more difficult for T and Me if my father was more angered than today! I am not only understanding my parents slowly and how they think but also T and how he is bothered about how elders think and worry about their child’s future.
The first message is to my parents – for taking care of me till date and being considerate and taking the time to understand me day by day till today and for me to understand them as well. Thank God I need to send the message through phone, that gives me some breathing space, as I have not shared any intimate messages with my parents! This is new but very nice feeling. 
The second will be to my sister, I sent her a gratitude message earlier and definitely that made us closer than ever. So considering this done.
The third message will be to T, it is for bearing me in some of my crabbiest days and most annoying behaviors and still managing to stay with me in a relationship for this long!
The fourth is a special one to all my DC pals which I will be mailing them in person today before I sleep.
The fifth would be to my cousin sister whom I visited today and had one of the best evening with Family! It was like back in school times! 🙂 No worries, No troubles, just smiles and positivity within family.
The sixth would be to “A friend in need is a Friend indeed”, this is to four people, two of them being my friends- who were best critics and thinkers and the remaining two being T’s friends for being with us till date and sharing with us some support about taking care of self and family.
Things could have been worst but what has happened till date has happened for good. For helping me and my family make conscious choices and take one step at a time even when a 1000 people come and peep just for some fun time!
#GratitudeNow with Kevin Buchanan

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