Southern parts of India were considered safe long back for most people and people preferred staying in any of the southern parts of India and preferably Chennai. People used to flood in,to join colleges from many other parts of India. Safety being the prime consideration for many they preferred staying in south was better. But it’s really quite shocking to see the various threats that are making every single person tremble and just not giving any idea of where the world is heading to or what is going to happen the next minute! Every single part of India is being torn to pieces by the bad energy or evil spirits or whatever you call it! Latest rumors about the doomsday(2012) is also on the fast move. Is the world gonna face its doomsday by people killing each other??? Though many don’t believe about the doomsday there is always some kind of mystery continuously ticking in everbody’s mind about anything even though little enough waiting to shock us! Every day we find some kind of improvement in every field but there is one main resource that is continuously being destructed “Human resource”. Though the renewable and non-renewable resources are a consideration everyone will value human life more than anything! Courage and strength is the only thing that must surely help us to face everything in life! Being confident and living each day like one has lived his/her entire life is the only way to face everything that is happening around us. I request you people to share comments about this topic!

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