Driver for the Day #FictionMonday

They came into my life,
When we shifted to a new place,
To wade us away from loneliness,
To give us company.

I have never seen my pets grumpy,
But they are an immediate cure
To my grumpiness and exhaustion
The moment I am home from outside.

The only time I let them be
Is when they eat their meal
They wouldn’t spare me
If I ever touched their plate.

Joy’s first ride in my father’s bike,
Is still a lovely memory,
He also managed once in our car,
Even though he freaked throughout the journey.

That one time when we left him in the car,
To check on something with the doctors,
He jumped on the driver’s seat,
And looked at us this cutest way!

short coated brown dog sitting inside a car
Glad you are back, I am the Driver for the Day!

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I’ve always wanted to participate in Vineetha Dileep’s Fiction Monday. Since she added poetry to the list, I am glad to share my thoughts about this particular prompt. All I did was just went ahead and wrote what I know. Congratulations Vineetha on the 50th Edition. Wishing you more to go and wishing I participate often in this!

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6 Comments on “Driver for the Day #FictionMonday”

  1. That was so cute! Yeah, I agree, even my CHikoo never liked it when I disturbed him while he had his meals. But, he did enjoy his car rides very much! He so looked forward to sitting in the front seat, beside his dad, and leaning out of the window, staring at the road or the other cars that passed by, his ears flapping in the wind, and he, oblivious to US! 😛

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