How to Express Gratitude in 2021 – Project TGB

This 2021, I would like to start and finish a small project. This is my smallest way to express my gratitude to the people in my life. I am thankful for many people in my life. Each one of them have made my life relevant in many ways. In fact, their presence has made my life entertaining and purposeful.

I have always felt renewed and rejuvenated when I thank someone. Similarly, when I recieve a note of thank you from someone, I feel happy that I was able to help someone. It would have been something really small, but then the feeling of gratitude brings richness to our lives like nothing else.

If there are two people who shine in front of my eyes for mindful living, it is Vidya Sury and Vasantha Vivek. Their blogs have shared so much about expressing gratitude for everything in our lives. Personally, I have found so much peace in reading their posts over years!

Express Gratitude as Often as You Can

Most of the times, we feel awkward to express our gratitude to our loved ones. It could feel weird, like it is the last time we’re going to talk to them or something. We always save it for the last time, but it never happens that way. We save regrets than memories, most of the time. I want good things for the people in my life and with all my heart. So, I have decided that I have nothing to lose by expressing my gratitude for them.

When I decided to write gratitude posts every month with Vidya’s Gratitude Cirle in 2018, it helped me see my life from a better perspective. As I read them now, it helps me feel a whole lot better. Expressing gratitude has always made me a better person and a lot less judgemental. It helps me accept that everyone is going through some struggle. Still, when they make some time to check on me, I feel blessed!

I am not a complete self-made person. I am that ball of wool, that could be crocheted into a colorful sweater, table cloth or a place mat. You can see that I am influenced by the good and the bad around me. Still, I know I am a constant work-in-progress to become the best I can ever be.

If I am what I am today, it is a major influence of the people around me. It is because of the time I spend with the people in my life. I think about how lucky I am to have them in my life. At times, when I share about them during a conversation, it brings a smile. Also, conversing with them about many life things has given me a better insight about so many things in my life.

Project TGB – Thankful Grateful Blessed

I have been trying to write gratitude notes for the last two years, but I couldn’t. Neither did I make time to thank anyone in my life. Since I felt lost, I felt I never had anything to share at all. I felt lost and hopeless for many days in my life.

The last three years have been really tough for me. I have felt miserable, made a lot of difficult decisions, above all complained so much like never before in my whole 30 years. These people in my life listened to so much of my whining, let out a cry when I was unable to handle the realities of life and also showed me ways to heal myself.

I could have succumbed and lost hope if not for each one of them through various stages of moving forward with my life. I am usually not one to depend too much on people, but these three years have shown me that I could be a pain in the ‘you know where’!

So, I started this small project, #ProjectTGB to share a part of me that has always wanted to hug them and say thank you, but never did that. I take this opportunity to send them gratitude, to thank them for being in my life for so long. It is also to show them how grateful I feel to have each one of them in my life. I have had some of the spiciest arguments and meltdowns with some of them. In a way, I am thanking the Universe for making me understand how blessed I feel even after all that!

This pandemic has given me a good opportunity to thank some of the people in my life for being my people! I will tag this with the name #ProjectTGB for 2021 to thank the people in my life whose impact I have understood in my life after so many years.

If you’d like to join me in thanking your community, use the #ProjectTGB and thank your people!

A wreath with ProjectTGB written inside it. Two women hug each other as a way of expressing thanks to each other for ProjectTGB - A small project to Express Gratitude for the people in our lives!
Project TGB

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  1. Project #TGB sounds interesting jayanthi, am so happy to read this initiative of yours, I love to express my gratitude, and I never miss an opportunity to thank those around… will try if i could write one post and tag you. Thanks for sharing:)

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