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Have you ever heard of these matchmaking sites??
Of course many would have.. Nothing stops with just hearing,many would have tried these sites too.. But have you heard of a father who got unduly worried about getting his daughters married to the right guy.


Atleast have you heard or seen the site eHarmony marriage???
Not a NO again.

Well though there are a lot of topics to blog about, i preferred writing something about relationship. After all, its going to be that single person who will get us back on the right track when we are in the dumps.

Oops.. Let me continue..

Hey ppl,you’ve actually missed a very popular american who has led a successful marriage lasting 48 years and still going on.. He says “adaptability” has been the key to his marriage. Dr.Neil Clark Warren is into the million dollar matchmaking business for the past seven years. Basically a psychologist and theologian for nearly 40 years he has counselled thousands of couples who couldn’t get along. He tried to find the odds that existed in themarriage and wanted to help the couples meet them.

The site was started in the year August 2000. By december it had 20,000 members.. Today
there are 18 million registered users and this site is responsible for over 100,000 marriages..

How was this possible?

He asked people what they exactly needed before their marriage and what is missing in their married lives.. After a series of standard tests to nearly 5000 married people he and his son-in-law found that,

The first and the foremost is the HONESTY.

Secondly,most of the people were dying for a deep sense of companionship and they needed people who made them feel really good about themselves.

Out of all,Emotional health was considered the most important criteria for compatibility.

He also says that he hasnt achieved his BIG DREAM..
Can you actually imagine it??

So wat is his BIG DREAM?
He wants the divorce rates to come down to single digits.. If we could ever do that, it

would be the greatest single social revolution in the history of human life..

Jus read this you’ll know what is exactly needed!
“Dont go changing” by billy joel..

Dont go changing, to try and please me
You never let me down before
Dont imagine youre too familiar
And I dont see you anymore
I wouldnt leave you in times of trouble
We never could have come this far
I took the good times, Ill take the bad times
Ill take you just the way you are

Dont go trying some new fashion
Dont change the color of your hair
You always have my unspoken passion
Although I might not seem to care

I dont want clever conversation
I never want to work that hard
I just want someone that I can talk to
I want you just the way you are.

I need to know that you will always be
The same old someone that I knew
What will it take till you believe in me
The way that I believe in you.

I said I love you and thats forever
And this I promise from the heart
I could not love you any better
I love you just the way you are…

Great song.. 😉

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