Gift a gifted person!

Gifts are always special and they are more special when it is gifted by our special one. Sometimes we used to get gifts which costs more but not worth the price. But at times we get gifts which are seriously worth its price which means its of good quality. Well in that case getting any gift worth its value gives pleasure for both the buyer and the accepter of the gift..
Well in that case I want to tell some gifts which are seriously worth its price.. Some good looking key chains which is specific to a person’s interest like for example a basketball player would like to show off a good basketball as a keychain or the popular sandals keychain and many dolls too.. Another fine example for a present worth $2 is some favorite chocolates. Some other gifts worth buying are coffee mugs and books and piggy banks!!
Gifts are always special! 🙂
I love getting it as well as giving it to my good and best friends.. 🙂
If you like somebody and you don’t know how to express yourself then give them a present as a token of your love they might like it.. But I am sorry there can be a lot of side effects at times!!

This post has reminded me of the number of presents that I have given some of my good friends and the humpty number of presents that I have got from my friends. This a good rewind of some of my memories..

How about some precious gifts for the kiddos??
Something like Kids backpack or laundry bags and baby memory books
Well I guess the kids are gonna be happy!! 🙂

P.S: I am not responsible if you get beatings!

P.S.S:Sorry for the inconvenience caused… 🙂


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