Good Morning

Hi pals,

Good Morning! Oh its morning!

I wake up late thinking its just 7 or 8!

The climate here(Chennai) is nice and rocking

I think it is because I am always sleeping!

Whenever I want to go out

It starts pouring like cats and dogs

And when I drop the idea of going out

I can see the sun smirking at me brightly

What do I ever do

With a climate like this I never want to woo!

Let it rain

I have every(no)thing to blame

Let it fill the nights with joy

When everybody lay exhausted in bed! 🙂

The climate here in Chennai is really nice and rocking!! Since I am in my holidays and I am just enjoying this funny climate.. When ever I make a plan of going out it pours like hell.. And suddenly it shines like there was no rain! When I wake up in the morning it looks like its really really early! I am amazed when the sun shines and the rain pours together!! And its nice to start the day with a power cut! I almost look like this “cute” turtle in the pic!

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