Here I come again ..

I set rules for myself to do what is Right,
Even if it takes all my Life,
Even if it is going to benefit one person,
I thought that would make my soul happy.

Everyday I see so many things around me,
When I see them, I hear them cry to me,
Wouldn’t you help me?
This reminds me of my once pathetic state,
When words failed me but fears and tears tore my soul.

I never opened up, fearing I would be called weak,
I was not even able to recognize if help is what I need?
I pleaded to God to take me away,
Unable to bear the growing pain each day.

My master, the ever loving God, made me look up at him everyday,
To focus on him, I wondered what difference would that make,
There I saw, he stood with open hands, ready to accept me the way I am,
With flaws, unmasked and bare!

I cried and asked, why this life?
He told, you are here to help.

To him I mean everything,
To me he means everything,
He gave me a life and told to help those in need,
I now have a partner to help with all our heart! 🙂

Dear World,
Here I come again,
From being a broken doll to slowly building myself as a strong wall that helps others to climb yet stands still,
Slowly knowing my mission and building a vision for myself and the future,
Saving Souls is all we need, for a better today and a lasting tomorrow! 🙂


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