I want a stable Internet Connection! Is this possible?

Summer rains cooled Chennai’s heat waves. Even the homeless would have enjoyed that chill rains for sometime. Now Summer is gone and Monsoon is on!

My Internet gets sick during the monsoon! It’s my Internet’s time to face connectivity issues every now and then! 

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My Wi-Fi has been acting crazy for almost two weeks now! I am supposed to finish most of my writing work within 5 PM in the evening which I am not able to! I have pending blog posts and writing deadlines almost everyday! Being a freelancer isn’t the most easiest task with intermittent connectivity issues.

My mornings go by helping my mom in the kitchen and finishing my household chores(which I rarely participate, I prefer to sleep)! By the time I am ready to write, my Internet stops working! I am thinking and re-thinking if I need to switch my connection to another service provider! 🙁 My current service provider is good at resolving issues, but not quick.

I do not prefer to spend more money on dongles or other super-high Internet recharge packs. I just registered a complaint with my service provider and I am looking forward to working with them to resolve it!

This, I do not like!

I want my country to offer better customer support to it’s citizens first! I hope to have a stable internet connection soon! It’s awful without the Internet, especially now that I have started updating my blog again! 😉

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