Much Love Monday: I wanted to write about..

I wanted to write about
A thousand different things the week
I actually started with prose
Instead I am now writing poetry.

I wanted to write about
How I struggle and drain myself fully
So I could sleep exhausted every night
But I’m left with emptiness instead.

I wanted to write about
How playing a game(even) in my mobile
Recharges my mind, releases tension,
And makes me productive than routine days.

I wanted to write about
How writing at random in a notebook
Makes me feel so much better
Than explaining myself to everyone.

I wanted to write about
What my daughter learns everyday
And what she makes me learn from her
As I see the world through her eyes.

I wanted to write about
What is it like to have a daughter
And why I feel blessed to have
someone so little yet so strong in my life.

I wanted to write about
How much I miss the three of us being together
Even though I am waiting to travel again
Sooner than later.

I wanted to write about
How some friends share posts right from their heart
But think those are silly on their blog
I tell you here, I love most of those posts.

I wanted to write about
Tips and tricks I’m learning about parenting
About why it will take me a lifetime to master it
Still, carry on being a work in progress parent.

I wanted to write about
How mad I was after reading Eleanor Oliphant
How silent I had become
And wanted to read no other book for sometime.

I wanted to write about
Taking a social media break
To spend some personal time on my blog
And write random stuff I’ve always wanted to.

I wanted to write about
How happy I am since it’s finally raining in Chennai
After being roasted for three long years
Since the 2015 floods.

I wanted to write about
A thousand different things this week
While I keep writing more about it
I would love to know what you wrote this week.


Much Love Monday is a series I am hosting in my blog about how each of us look at Mondays. This will be hosted on the 3rd and 4th Monday in this blog. You can share your experience about your Monday or an experience worth sharing on Monday in your blog. You can add this badge to your post and comment here so we can follow each other’s posts.

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8 Comments on “Much Love Monday: I wanted to write about..”

  1. Okay, this post seems a bit too poignant. I hope everything is okay with you.

    For me, Monday’s are the busiest of all. I have to plan a menu for the week, meetings at work, socializing, my reading, writing and other passions. It is never easy, but it needs to be done. After a point I just got used to it. I even enjoy it at times, these days.

  2. This gives a glimpse of your inner battles and thoughts! Hope all is good at your end. Take care, Jayanthy!
    I read more than I wrote last week, but am hoping to catch up on updating my blog soon.

  3. Nice poem Jayanthi. It’s good to see daughters grow and also learn from them and see the world in their eyes. I agree with you. For me too, writing makes me relax.

  4. I do hope things are fine, Jayanthy. Looks like you’ve got a lot on your mind. Big hugs and take care.

    I highly recommend one day off social media every week. It’s done wonders for my own mental health.

    Keep writing. It’s very therapeutic .

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