India toward glory!

Indian cricket team has dug out a hole for its own self! cric info
Checking the cric-info site actually irritates me sometimes. I don’t get irritated when India loses to other countries with some above average score. But losing in a test cricket that too in a third day with a score not even crossing 200 with the host having a score of 500+ is quite like why the hell are these guys being paid.

I have really come to a situation where in I prefer watching other sports than sitting in front of the television to watch India losing to some other country. Tennis and badminton are some really admirable sports where the guys and the gals give the audience a thrill feeling till the last moment. That’s what a game should be all about. So this is a chance to tell that I am waiting for the Beijing Olympics to begin! To even say something more about the Olympics 57 athletes from the Indian sub-continent have already started from the capital to make their dreams and India’s dream come true! Let’s wish them Good Luck and safe journey and let’s pray so that god’s blessings are with them to work out everything in a positive way.

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