Kalyaana Maalai – Part 2

I had ample time to walk to the bus stop that day, i walked so slow that I admired everything that i usually glanced in urgency every other day.The chill morning comforted me, making me forget the tension that prevailed for quite sometime. I reached the bus stop. I remember wishing my bus friend Good morning and that small chat before the bus came. The bus arrived in a minute’s time. I boarded the bus and sat in the single seater, my usual place. Just 3 day’s left for my big day and here is all that i could think of…. The bus started, so is my journey to my world..

Back to where I was about this proposal..

Manadhil pala ennangal odikondae irukindradhu,

Irundhum edho onru solgiradhu ellaam nanmaikey!

I had a thousand thoughts about this proposal. He is not in India and I have to go and stay there after marriage. My family knows how I spent my 7 months in Mysore!! My friends tease me till date, “maapala veli oora, maatinaan di avan”. Moreover, I should quit my job, but I have a lot of commitments. His parents are well-educated, so they wouldn’t mind if I work. But they do not reside in Chennai. Before I could unravel many things, my parents asked me for my decision. What decision do they want me to make, so quick… Huh, I was not in a position to say YES. Not even a NO. My mom immediately asked me,
Mom: “What da, why are you so dull?”
Me: “Looks like things are happening very quick. I don’t know what to say”
Mom:”They are waiting for our decision. They are interested in coming home. If its OK with you tell da.”

Me:”Ok, let them come. Let things happen for good.”
Mom: “I will tell achan da, he will inform them. This sunday Ok la?”
Me: “Amme, just 4 days left. Next week! Next week!!”
Mom: “Mol, will ask them the dates da”
Way to go!!!
Sunday:  4.00 PM
@ Home

I was all set to welcome them home with a Coffee. They said they’ll be here by 5.00PM. His mother is a retired teacher. She’ll definitely be a perfectionist. 2 sisters, both married and settled in Chennai. They’ll also be here. I was in a blue saree, not my favorite color, but my mom always said it suit me well. My sister and I were talking, actually she was trying to relax me… Well, the time was 4.50PM. And we heard a car stop in front of our house. I was suddenly nervous. When my parents went out to welcome them, I went to the pooja room and said my small prayer.

They were in the hall by the time I came out. I smiled and said a Hi to all! (OMG, So me, to say a HI to elders!! Thought i made a mistake there.)  But they smiled and in minutes we were in a good conversation. His sisters spoke really well, his father was a bit silent, his mother spoke well too. Time for the parents to talk and sort things. I was in my room with his sister’s kids.. I am always fond of kids and all the four of us (2 kids, my sis and me) enjoyed in the room… By the time they left there was some kind of mutual connection between both families. Kind of satisfied. The kids liked me… The sisters were pleased. But uncle (His dad) jus smiled. They left and the very next day they called and told my parents that they liked me and they are keen on moving to the next level. My parents were super happy.. I liked the family but if i had a chance to talk to him ,it would be even more better. Just then my mom came and told me, “mol, this is his phone no, he will call you tomorrow it seems.”
I was totally shocked.. :O I was just thinking!! Parents are super-fast these days!
I got a call the next day morning,Monday, when I was in Office, I was loaded with work, I just spoke for 10 minutes and told him that i will call in the afternoon during lunch. I knew I shouldn’t have done that. But still, I couldn’t avoid it. Well, I got a call during lunch. I spoke with him and asked a sorry. He was Ok with it but asked me to mention to him priorly about when to call next..

Yes, I finally accepted this proposal.

We spoke now and then and finally our marriage dates were decided. Just 2 months from now. And our engagement was this weekend. Already things were running at a high speed for me, now, i have no words to say..
We were finally engaged, yes, only I am here!! I conveyed all the details to him. I am comfortable talking to him now.. 30 days left…

Unudan pesum ovoru muraiyum,
ennai naan tholaika villai endraalum,
indha ninaivugal enaku pudhiyavai, iniyavai.
Idhu pol idharku mun unarndhaillai
Unnai naan padathil (photo) thaan mudanmurai paarthaen,
Kalyaanathin munnaal varai adhuve enaku thunai.
Irundhaalum ennaku therindavaraikum nee thaan en seri paadhi
idharku muzhu needhi
Yen mana amaidhi.
Evalavu bayangal ennule unnudan pesuvadharku mun,
ippozhudu agandradhu en bayangal,
thelindhadhu en mugam,
Kalyaana kalai enbadhu idhu dhaano!

I smiled and got down from the bus and walked to my cube. Invited my friends and colleagues.. Spent some good time with all!
Leaving office with a happy face!!
3 days to go!  🙂

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  1. Nice 🙂 Could get into the mood of the gal..This tells the story was well presented..!! Keep writing 🙂 🙂


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