King’s shopping!

Shopping is something I detest sometimes due to the crowd. Thinking of the talk about summer sale everywhere is nice but thinking about the crowd makes me feel sick. Thinking about branded shops like Genesis Basic(3 shirts for 999) and Textile India(offer upto 50%) its nice but I bet its getting crowded there too now a days. Shopping mela is wonderful but I would prefer shopping at a place less crowded than usual. I visited King’s Lifestyle for some peppy purchase. I should really appreciate them for the variety in their collection but at the same time I will say certain stuffs are too over-priced. I checked for some good fancy ear-rings as they are the one’s which we can purchase for every color we need and certainly I should say the minimum cost of a pair of good looking ear-ring was 40-45. I was shocked. I could see the varieties up high at 150,300 and even 450. I would prefer getting a very good set instead. I will not blame about the dress collection they have but surely not enough people to provide us with stuffs we ask for and no kind of discounts or bags which are usually provided when we shop for above some particular amount. Improving the number of shop- assistants ans some offers will do them more good.

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