My 2020 Bookish Pact!

This year comes with a lot of conditions. Don’t worry, it’s nothing as serious as it seems. ? It’s all about books and my small pact to explore and clear a part of my TBR!

I was busy piling up my Bookshelf that I forgot to pick one and start reading it. Well, that’s the story of the last two years. So this time I have come up with some terms and conditions to abide by. After deciding this around November 2019, I bought my last book in the first week of December 2019. That’s it.

I figured a lot of other blogger friends also have a similar pact this year. Well, ain’t we all buying books all the time.? I was initially shocked to see almost everyone I know were ready to slay their TBR list. So I’m now part of this movement as well. I’ve decided on these 7 conditions at the moment.

I’ll tell you here I’m not a lists person at all, but these lovely, organized blogger friends have made me good at making lists and also accomplishing them. It’s all about seeing and learning. Also, I can proudly say, I have the best lot.

Here goes my list of conditions that

1. No-Buy Pact

Honestly, this is the first thing I realized was the hardest to break. I was on the verge of uninstalling my Amazon app. However, I realized I need it for other things. So, I’ve decided that I will instead add books to my wishlist and buy them next year or if anyone wishes to gift me, let it be books. Did you know that I didn’t go to the book fair this year because I knew I am still not strong enough to resist buying?

2. Now, it’s All in the TBR

So, just like my bookshelf and Kindle are overflowing, it’s time for my TBR wishlist to overflow. If you know me, you’d know I’d rather buy books than dresses. I’ll tell you a secret here, if you see my cloth cupboard you’ll figure out it’s the bookshelf that I clean often. I’d rather have a huge list in the digital form than in the physical form. Now, I’m almost a nomad, running between mom’s and in-laws. So I’d prefer to build the new list for later.

3. Borrow, don’t Buy

Isn’t this the only way now? I’ve decided I’d borrow books, either from the library (mostly) or from friends instead of buying. We all have a thing for our books. I’d actually love to be possessive of my books, but somehow I believe more in sharing books, because not everyone can buy books. I was there as a young reader, so I’d love to share, however, I have terms and conditions for that too. In case you want to know,

A) How you maintain your school bag/books and pencil box is something I must know.

B) Where you carry the books with you matters to me! Bathroom reading is strictly prohibited.

C) Folding the book is not allowed

D) If you have a kid(under 5), I’d take a guarantee beforehand that you’re supposed to keep my book strictly out of their reach.

E) No scribbling, no underlining, no marking anything on the book. If you want to do something, you are free to note it down in your notebook.

F) If I’m sending you the book by post(I pay), it’s your duty to send it back to me by post and you pay. If you’re coming back to give it in person, I’d be honored too.

G) If you end up loving the book so much that you plan to buy one, I’d be happy.

Just a small list actually. Going by the drama of sharing, I’d improvise my terms and conditions.

This is my small set of conditions. For books like Atomic Habits by James Clear or Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, I’d just gift them the copy instead of sending mine.

4. Gift More Books

I have always wanted to do this and I will do it this year. Be it to family or friends, I want to gift more books. I want to give away a few more to the library too. It gives me a nice feeling to give back to the local library which has been my constant support to explore.

5. Explore Genres

I’ve hardly read a lot. I must accept that. I’m not a fan of romance, it’s been a while since I touched a thriller. Personally, most hyped books bore me quickly. I’m not talking much about awarded novels. It has been ages since I read a regional book. So, this year I am going to slowly open up to more variety.

It has been a while since I sat down with any book for a long time. This year is not going to be about the number of books, but variety. It’s going to be a different reading year. My daughter demands I sit and read to her or narrate the story we read once in a while. So it’s more about “Amma close the book and come and sit with me” time. Let’s see how I fare. ?

6. Giveaways, Contests, this and that.

I’m not buying books this year because I want to read the lot I already have. If at all any giveaway shares a book I’ve wanted to buy, I’d be a part. Otherwise, I’m not going to be joining every other giveaway, contest, this and that to just pile up more books. I’m honestly taking a break from buying books that’s all.

7. I love Reading Challenges

When Corinne started the WriteTribe Reading Challenge last year, I was excited and thought it would be a breeze to complete 24. When Shalz and Sou came up with Slaying The TBR, I really wanted to be a part of it. This time I sat again writing down the prompts and listed the books. I really thought I’ll manage 20. In 2019, I managed to read 15 instead of 24 and I hardly updated on Goodreads. This year, I didn’t want either of us to feel disappointed so I didn’t participate. I’ll tell you that I figured I love Reading Challenges. It’s all fantastic when we map books to each prompt. It’s just I need more time to stick to the list and manage to complete them.

That’s all folks! That’s it about my book pact for 2020. Do you have any terms and conditions for your books? Above all, do you share your books? I’d love to know.

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15 Comments on “My 2020 Bookish Pact!”

  1. Good luck with your bookish pact, Jayanthy 🙂

    I have been in your shoes a couple of years ago and I can safely say that if you stick to your pact you’ll have the problem of having way too many unread books solved.

    I know it because it has worked for me 🙂

  2. Hahaha… I like your terms and conditions for borrowing your books. That is said like a true book lover.
    I am going to buy less books this year and read the books that I have which is a LOT.
    Good luck with your reading challenges and bookish pact too 🙂

  3. I love the T&C for the book borrowing and I have to tell you that I have simply refused to lend my books to anyone now. My sister is the only one who gets to borrow 2 books a year from me and thats because she lives in another city and picks them up when she visits.

    I wish you all the very best of luck with your reading resolutions- I am in the same boat as no buying, more borrowing and no visiting book fairs too 🙂

  4. I agree with your book lending requirements. I agree that we need to be strict with the readers and borrowers. I have joined 3 challenges this year but hadn’t done any past couple of years. All the best for finishing your TBR.

  5. I too have made a reading pact since December 19. I decided that I won’t be buying any books but looking for free downloadable books on the net. And I did find quite a few that were also very interesting! It felt awesome! Reading at least 2 books a month is my aim, and the way I have been thinking about it–I am sure the Universe will help me fulfill my wish (just like how Paulo Coelho said in The Alchemist about asking for something with intensity and the Universe conjuring it up for you).

    I agree with each and every term and condition you have shared, Jaya. It’s what I would want those to follow if they borrowed my book. 😛

    Let’s stay in touch through DM. We could swap books (ebooks) so we can read on our KIndle, what say?
    Presently, I am reading one that Tulika shared the link with.. It’s awesome. I will try and figure out how to share it with you if you would like it.

    Let me know!

  6. This is some cool book planning. I do not have any plans for my book reading. I do not get to share my books because I have no readers around me in real life. Nobody wants to do anything with my books, nobody is interested. I don’t take giveaways seriously. I am looking forward to regularly updating my Goodreads account this year.

  7. I usually read on kindle, and buy one book at a time. Once I finish that I go to next one. Sometimes, on book sales and all whenever I’ve brought more than one, it always never gets finished. So there too, I put a limit to 3.

  8. Love your pact. I had a hard time stopping myself from buying new books last year. This year, no buying… going to finish my TBR list first. They are collecting dust on my shelf. I wish I win those Instagram giveaways. They give away so many fascinating titles. Good luck with your pact.

  9. YIkes! And I have joined quite a few reading challenges this year. I have created excel lists and I am all set up to read around 75 books this year. This is the first time I am attempting something like this. I have dedicated pages on my blog for each challenge and I am updating the books there as and when I read them. SO far I have read 7 books this year. I am hoping I can complete at least half the challenges. The best part I am trying out a whole new array of genres that I have never attempted to read before.

    I am using Kindle books mostly, and I am a kindle unlimited user. I stay away from bookshops these days because I have no space left on my bookshelves anymore.

    That’s my bookish pact!

  10. An interesting bookish pact one that I can relate with myself. I’m trying not to buy books for myself this year unless it is absolutely required. I’m hoping I’ll be able to clear my huge pile of books yet to be read. Wishing you all the best in keeping your pact.

  11. I’m not the one to lend book, come what way. If I do, they really must be someone special. I cut ties with a friend of mine who lost my original hardbound ‘The Godfather’ copy. Worse was that she acted like it wasn’t a big deal at all. It is my favorite book of all time and she knew it, STILL!

    All the best on this pact. Though, I’m surprised to see that No-buy is the hardest for you to break. For me, it is the easiest one to break. I just see a book somewhere and end up placing an order for it. Hence, a no-buy is never on my list 😛

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