My Bundle of Positivity

Sangeetha Ramachandran

It still hurts everywhere
To think you are no more
It’s been Five years,
Still, it’s like yesterday.

There is no one like you,
I’m not looking for anyone like you,
It is with you,
My heart stays forever.

Your laughter fills my soul,
Your smiling face is often a reminder,
Of how small problems can be,
You’re the best we’ve ever had!

You made me feel,
So special about myself,
My bundle of positivity,
You just give everyone the right kick!

I often think that
Our long conversations
Was a blessing in disguise
For once, I spent the time right.

These kind of memories
Not only make me happy
But reminds me of you
And in my heart that stays!

I miss you, darling. We all miss you! ❤️

This is a tribute to one of the sweetest and kindest soul I know. We lost my dear friend on April 28, 2016. I wrote this for her birthday on November 10, 2020.

Sangeetha is the twin sister of Saranya Ramachandran. These brats are the twins of my school teacher. I witnessed the charm of Sangeetha for a whole year in 12th when we were partners sitting next to each other.

I’ve adored her forever and will always. She is my eternal friend for whom I have deep respect. She lived in the moment and laughed like there is no tomorrow. I still remember the hours we spent talking two weeks before she passed away.

We all miss you with all our deepest hearts, Sangee. ♥️

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2 Comments on “My Bundle of Positivity”

  1. A dear friend’s loss is something we can never ever recover from! I hope time will be a big healer and help you process your pain. Hugs, dear. <3

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