Republic Day Wishes!

On our 61st Republic Day I would like to write about a person who I met on few occasions of staying at my uncle’s place when I was a small gal. They were the so-called neighbours. This guy I think must be a couple of years older than me. I dont have clear memories of that person’s face but I remember the deeds he has done till date. He usually takes my cousins with him to the terrace to salute the tri – colored heart warming flag twice a day after singing the National Anthem with utmost patriotism. And for the time I stayed at my uncle’s place, I was also a part of that group which I felt was indeed worth participating and remembering. All the four of us walk up the stairs to see the flag being hoisted in the mornings and brought down in the evenings and stand there to salute that and sing the National Anthem and then say Jai Hind and then walk back or sometimes we play there in the terrace for some extended time.. I remember that person for almost every Republic day and Independence Day and have always considered him to be one of the best human and Indian I’ve met so far. But at the moment he is a host in Vijay TV and was the winner of One of the seasons of KPY(Kalaka Povadhu Yaaru) and is also a better dancer. Good Luck to you. Hope you are still the Same patriotic kid(person).

Wishing all the Indians a Happy Republic Day. Try watching the programs that give you more and more freedom thoughts. Have a wonderful day and see if you can take an oath on this day and keep up that. Coz this day is indeed one of the most Important days in Indian History and our free lives!

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