The Devil Next Door

I don’t have to bear your chauvinism,
I take you as a challenge,
Everyday I learn what to ignore,
And break free to live a bit more!

A woman is not meant to cook all day,
Or clean and pop out babies just as you say,
You are not a man,
If you don’t know to respect a woman!

You shout to make us fear,
Expecting us to shed a tear,
So we will totally disappear,
And forget our dreams dear!

You have failed right there,
You just put me on first gear!
I am not willing to share a word,
To you who will think it is absurd.

I will never shed another tear,
Instead I will send above a prayer,
To save you from your cruel thoughts,
For a day will come when you realize what you lost!

You were a king of crafts,
You definitely had skill,
That does not mean,
You can demean everyone else.

You have your own fears,
Face them to find thyself,
Do not trouble another,
For you will never be respected ever!

Life is to enjoy,
Why are you keen on planning to destroy,
You will live in a void,
That you will not be able to avoid.

Cherish the moment,
What’s the pleasure in a bad comment?
Live and let live,
That way, We will thrive!

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