this is not the end

12th results came out.. I had to be at home for nearly 4 months. 🙁 Atlast got into college just thinking its gonna be the exact way they showed at that time in “the idiot box”. Oops the first day itself i was surprised the way my college gave the freshers party.. Amazing.. :p

Waited eager for the so-called “ragging”. waited and waited.. No use. . But not a problem. Had good senior frenz.. Wat to do,itz just part of life..

1st yr… FUN
2nd yr.. FUN
3rd yr.. FUN
4th yr.. FUN

wat else to say abt those days..

Lots of fights, lots of tears, misunderstandings, ego clashes, challenges,………. hmmm…. enjoyed.. But i am not sure if i am gonna miss these days?? I dont knw.. I find ppl around me bringing really big diaries(actually the notes written so far will surely be more than for this book) to fill up all memories.. The diary gains an extra Kg everytime they give it to good frenz.. well mine has gained so much.. still gainin..
No farewell party also, but thats ok. Wasn’t expecting one.. Anyway i have the belief that i’ll meet my frenz surely after college.. So wats there to worry about..

Let this stuff get over soon…………..

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