This Monster in Me #WriteBravely

This monster in me

This monster in me,
Does not let me be,
She always disagrees,
So I never let her free.
I struggle to tame her,
That’s what stirs her,
Her horns grow stronger,
As if they were always there.
I let my anger grow,
My thoughts go with the flow,
I yell, I pout,
I get it all out.
The cry makes me fret,
Then I am upset,
I try to forget,
There is so much regret.
This monster in me,
Wouldn’t let me be,
I want to change,
Yet, Change sounds very strange.
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13 Comments on “This Monster in Me #WriteBravely”

  1. I loved the line that the more I tame her, the more agitated she becomes! This is so true for all of us when facing our inner demons of doubt and unhappiness which feed on our souls through our thoughts only!

  2. Many times in life this monster takes over. It is hard to fight with it that leaves me distressed and alone. I try to find peace through meditation where I can find God within me.

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