To be human is to be quirky

Always put your smile on. People will assume you are a crazy person and won’t mess with you.
I like you- You remind me of When I was Young and stupid .

Of all the things I lost I miss my mind most..

Don’t act stupid just because you know how too..

Looks like these are really familiar to you too. Life teaches us so many things. Sometimes being clever and sometimes being quirky. NO person can be 100% normal. Similarly when I came across this article Are You Normal or Nuts? I was able to figure out some of my characteristics matching them and I only had a laugh. Sometimes we get really cranky when others are being quirky and sometimes its the other way round. From this article Are You Normal or Nuts? one can make sure if we are being silly or serious. Sometimes people make a fool of their own selves to make the entire group laugh. This is one such example of being harmful to their own-self. So while reading this article I came across people who don’t talk in a crowd and people afraid of heights. Everything is normal till it doesn’t cross the line. Reader’s Digest brings out the nuttiness in you and makes you and others giggle the whole day. Visit Reader’s Digest Laughs to know more and laugh more.

After all being human is to be quirky 🙂

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