#WednesdayVerses: Shadow of our Love

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Life today isn’t what it was
Before a couple of years,
With pain engulfing me,
Not knowing what the next turn is about to bring.

From being the confused soul
To becoming the firm believer,
I have been through it all,
To understand I belong with you!

We stayed away,
To know what it really means,
We walked away because
We didn’t want to hurt each other.

Though we knew it from the beginning,
We are meant to be,
We had been through enough,
To believe in this sweet ecstasy.

When we let things be,
And broke our walls,
We found each other,
And laughed at our choice.

We married with blessings from all,
A splendid surprise after a long haul,
As Man and Wife our journey began,
Enjoying each moment as much as we can.

Even as Life twists and turns,
And even now some words burn,
You and I walk together,
Making this is our package altogether.

The arrival of our bundle of joy,
Has made us laugh more and enjoy,
All her giggles and snuggles,
Is more than enough to make her our new Valentine.

Watching the shadow play in our room,
Moving forward and backward,
I am swaying to a song in my mind,
Thinking about our Love and our dance together!

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Joining Vinay and Reema for #WednesdayVerses.

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