Weekly Gratitude 6/52

I was jumping in joy thinking about last week. It is one of the most productive weeks since the year started. I came back from the trip and felt a teeny bit rejuvenated. To the mother in me, a vacation means shifting my baby and her duties to another place with a scenic view. So it is nothing like Catskills(in case you are watching Mrs.Maisel, if you have no idea what I am talking about, please take the deserved break to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime) where you have someone, maybe even an entire team to take care of the babies.

? Here I was all excited about last week and how productive I was and knew my Week 6 would look somewhat similar. Somehow, this week I had really less energy compared to last week. All I did was slouch, binge eat and watched Mrs. Maisel, Seedhakaadhi and downloaded a few more movies I had on my watch list.

? My journal had a rough sketch of things I had done this week which is lesser in comparison to the previous weeks. Somehow I love my journal and cannot afford to miss writing in it even though it was about movies and shows I watched each day and the book I started.

? I finished The Wrong Child by Patricia Kay this week! This is book no. 2 out of 24 for Write Tribe Reading Challenge. The review is up in Goodreads.

? I started with an important book this week. I am glad to have found it while browsing Prime reading list. It’s The Power of Posture by Dr. Renu Mahtani. It is a book that I would recommend for everyone to read.

?I wrote in my gratitude journal because I was really grateful for the time I got this week at home. I have my own timings and don’t really go by the clock everyday. I took the liberty to do minimal cooking so I could just sit down and do nothing.

? I am at times glad that I adore what I cook for baby girl. It’s mostly dal and rice with veggies. Mostly one variety of legumes clubbed with veggies and rice. I cook an extra portion for me. Instead of bringing her to our food, I prefer going to get chart since that is really tasty and healthy.

? My phone broke and that is the primary reason I am catching up with books and my long watch list. Though I complained about that for 2-3 days, I felt better gradually. The main thing I missed were the video calls with hubby and my people at home.

That’s all folks. As I write this, I really felt I had a lovely time this week but definitely not a lethargic one as I thought so.

How was your week?

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