What is it like to be a Woman among Women!

Life offers fantastic opportunities every day. Some seize it, a few others plan to seize it, some think about seizing it and a few others wonder what to do with it. It is true that the choice is in our hands. As women, we strive to find opportunities that help us make the best of both worlds: Personal and Professional. The life of today’s working woman is open to criticism whether we like it or not. Almost everyone has a say on it except the actual person. According to the society, to be a successful lady boss, a woman has to compromise one sphere of her life. Many women go through this and feel burnt halfway. Still, there are so many success stories of women because we somehow find a way to do what we love braving all the odds that exist.
Being a woman among women isn’t easy. To find what persists in today’s market requires deep understanding of the basics. Women who explore what works, how it works and why it works are the ones who face the odds and find a solution for them. When you know some good friends and their struggles to become who they are today, your life takes better shape. There isn’t a day you will fret when it comes to learning the market you are about to explore. When we find what we love, it is all about finding the right balance and learning from the people who are living it every day.
If we don’t find the work-life balance(Work-Life Balance), then all will tumble one day. So, it is important to get the equation right. I read about the Panch Tatva of Indian Life Women and Work-Life Balance by Kavita Thapliyal

WLB = Career + Ambition + Pleasure + Leisure + Family.

Today life has changed so much. Though some women are the breadwinners of their family, there are some who work because they love their jobs. Most women who work, do it because they love what they do. They are smart enough to customize what works for them and are willing to make the process a continuous learning journey. Though you work full-time, part-time, a stay-at-home mom, a solo boss or a woman who takes care of the house, we all need the balance. It is true that the work of a successful woman teaches us so much. I learnt some of mine from a new friend.
Some of you know, I am planning to self-host my website. I am taking baby steps after finding a reliable source. I will share about it here.What are the odds when your web development skills does not help sail the boat? When I wanted to work on my website, I had no idea where to start or who to approach. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Lakshmi Priyanka through Vasantha. Initially, I felt lost at sea about the entire process, but Priya, an inspiration and now a good friend, gave me an idea of what will work and what won’t for my website. She runs DigitalSEO, a reputed Web Designing Company┬áin Tirunelveli and Chennai. She gave a precise blueprint of my website by reviewing it and provided detailed insights. At the moment my website is a work-in-progress and I am excited that it will soon find a new home with a shine you’ve never seen before.
I am glad to have found a passionate woman who loves to design, create and deliver what she trusts will work for websites. She firmly believes in striving hard to maintain a work life balance since that’s what keeps her work and family lively. I am also excited to share about wondrous women who love what they do. This is my journey with Priya and I am looking forward to us working together on my website. I am excited to know about Women who change the way we see the Web.

Who changed your perspective about the Web?

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