WTFOW5 Day #2: Learning to Receive

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Many times when bad things happen, I ask God, “Why me?”
For the first time, I asked God, “Why me?” for a good thing.
I heard an answer that made me smile.

Usually, I am your last hope, but now you have surrendered to me before draining your energy in worry!

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I fret over many things. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. I spend too much time over it that I forget it has to be solved “in reality”. At times, the solution that I conceive in my mind makes me feel that I have already accomplished the task. The games mind play! I never used to ask for help even in the most needed times! I have faced some miserable experiences because of this!

My grandmother is my biggest inspiration when it comes to believing in a superior power that exists. Her faith shatters my fears. She lives her life as if God is her friend and he holds her safely in his palms. At 80, she is carefree and enjoys life like there is no tomorrow. 

She taught me to leave the problems as well as the credits to God and just live life with gratitude. I was eager, but I was not ready to leave my comfort zone for the struggle. Living mindfully is an unwritten rule to live by daily and there is no looking back once you start it. I had to accept my extreme laziness here and I was an awful procrastinator.  

I am slowly changing, but I see the change is happening for the better. Any problem, big or small, I just close my eyes and tell God, I need help. This has done me wonders than anything else. Finally, I don’t feel I am depending on someone for some thing, but I am glad I am talking to God and making life easy! 

God taught me one thing, Devotion is the ultimate aim to maintain that connection with the superior power! It could be anyway as long as we feel connected with God! We get from God and give to others. This feeling rules out the option of negativity in me! 🙂

How did you learn to receive?

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10 Comments on “WTFOW5 Day #2: Learning to Receive”

  1. As long as we stay true to ourselves and try nurture a guiltless soul we are at receiving end. Having said that, it takes the entire life to learn and practice it… Still treading on 🙂

  2. True Sunaina! It's the devotion that keeps us moving. Remember the strength we get during those tough times? 🙂 I remember my past tough times and smile at how I was able to handle that situation!

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