About Me

Jayanthy Govindarajan | Jayanthy's Free Space


I am Jayanthy Govindarajan, fondly called as Jay by my closest circle. That’s how this blog was born, it started as Jay’s Free Space and now became Jayanthy’s Free Space.

I love to share the reflections of my mind in my space here. I am blogging since 2007, but a lot has changed. I entered into the world of writing, just to make money. I managed to earn a good sum in 2008, but things changed after I entered the IT industry.

That’s when I found this space more useful to share just about everything that popped in my mind. Being a Gemini, my mind is always thinking. Even though those 100 might seem interesting that moment it pops in the mind, it’s around 6 to 10 that make it to the blog.

After becoming a mother, I have around 15-20 making it to the blog. Yay, that’s because my ideas have risen from 100 to a 300 now! I love my life as a busy mother and a wife, if I am not doing something else that’s forbidden for a parent of a 4-year-old.

I’ve loved crowds, but now I prefer to keep it to a small circle. Since I love to talk, I have found myself spilling a lot of beans, so much that there is none left on my plate to eat. I’m still very much in the process of learning to maintain my serenity and silence.

I could either bore you to death or spark interest in you. I’m slowly recovering from boring my friends to death. Well, thanks to those lovelies who managed to stay sane even after being in touch with me during my confused years.

I listen with intent when someone’s work interests me. As much as I am fond of children, I also distance myself when I cannot handle one. I have come to the point where I’d lock myself in a room and read, than gossip about the world with someone I don’t trust.

With closest kith and kin, I am a wanderer and live with liberty. I love stationary and that’s one of my prime reasons of improved productivity. While I enjoy lying down and doing nothing, I also enjoy scrubbing the bathroom tiles with great vigour.

Blooming back again into the rebel for my own freedom! I am one of you! Come let’s make it a better place for you and me!

I don’t know who will cry when I die, but I don’t want to. Hence, I write just about anything that touches my heart. Well, so many things do.