A must read classic!

Maintaining a relationship is becoming a difficult task. The increase in the divorce rater proves it. Many people take so much to sustain a relationship, nurturing a relationship is different. In the process they tend to lose their ownselves. Without minding much about their own needs or their own dreams or their own self, some people offer help to their partners thinking that they are helping their partners. But one has to understand that losing one’s identity in a relationship can never make the relationship better. It may seem like its good outside but there is no point in wearing a mask in a relationship.

The in-thing in a relationship is being your true self. Taking the effort to impress a person means so much. First of all, a person takes efforts to impress the other person only because he/she is already impressed by them. It takes two to tango. The best relationship advice can be found in John Gary’s relationship books. It sounds better to tell them as personal experiences which we fail to share(some) with our partner thinking that it might hurt our partner.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is a modern classic and the perfect relationship book to spice up any couple’s relationship. After reading a couple of chapters I understood the true meaning of SPACE in a relationship.. This is best suited for one’s partner. A must read classic.

Other classics from John Gary are

–> When You Feel, You can Heal: A guide for enriching relationships
–> Men,Women and Relationships:Making Peace with the Opposite Sex

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