A sunday get together

We used to have a regular get together with our relatives and it would be a whole lot of 20 to 25 of us meeting and having fun. It’s not just the people of my age but its a lovely lot from my dad’s side. My aunts and uncles! Yesterday the 7th of September is one among the list of memorable days together.

They have a German Sheperd named Caesar which is just 3 years old. I am basically allergic to dogs. I only accept puppies. Caesar looked quite big when he was just 1 year old. The growth is common in his breed. So I was not able to accept the size of the dog and I never used to go near him. I used to stand at a particular distance when he enters the room. Any room actually. When he senses the fear he tries to play more. Maybe he enjoys seeing that kinda look on my face.. Whatever I had a great time with Caesar yesterday. My dad was laughing, you know the reason why? 🙂 Well I took Caesar for a walk and had to run with him because of my cousin who threw a stick and asked him to run and told me not to leave him. It was fun. We had heavy lunch and it was good to run because better digestion better dinner.. My sister Karthiga and my cousin brother, Babu spend most of their time with Caesar after my uncle who actually owns him.. 🙂 Caesar loves to play and he scares my kutty cousin Nivi. He runs behind her whenever he sees her just because she is really scared of him.. He playfully kept his mouth on her hand yesterday and she started shouting.. 🙂 Tat was great fun.. I have Caesar’s photos. But I’ll put his collection in a slide show which I have planned for him..

Caesar barked so loudly last time when we left from my uncle’s place thinking that we will not go and meet him anymore. But this time he played with us but when it was time for us to leave he was quiet as he understood that we’ll surely be back to see him.. Such a tremendous day for me. Caesar has become my special friend..

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