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I have visited eBay and even i’ve looked out at some items. There are also few other sites in the names of auction sites. But I haven’t been very satisfied with their approach or doing any bit of business with them. But very recently I came to know of another auction site named Bidazzled, launched early November. This site is something definitely different from the other auction sites that I have visited. It has indeed given a fresh definition to the auctioning world. This online auction site markets by offering savings of up to 90% on the name brand merchandise while funding a charity. Auctioning here is beneficial for the user and at the same time some help to lung cancer foundation,The Ruck Foundation(Visit it definitely, Best part is that it was created to fund this lung cancer foundation.

How does auctions generally work? This is details for all newbies! 🙂

Unremarkably called Penny auctions or Pay-Per-Bid auction sites, bids are purchased in advance and then used to bid on merchandise. The price increases a few cents with each bid placed and a few seconds are added to the countdown clock to give others a chance to bid. The auction ends when no other bids are placed. So if a new laptop ends at just a dollar, then you win the laptop for a dollar! Do you have your mouth opened after reading this,if yes, it was the same with me. I am looking out for few items on it. Hope I get some items atleast an item like that!! 🙂 Try it too.

There are few things that I have to highlight to you guys about this  interesting site

  • Auction winners usually save over 80% off retail. 
  • Nobody Loses:
    -If you don’t win, you receive up to 50 Bonus Bids as a thank you for participating
    -You can purchase the auction item less the investment you had in the auction.
    -If you win, Bidazzled typically make an offer to buy the item back for either:
         -cash (paypal or check)
         – cash and bids

A Jackpot to all your readers:
15 Additional Bids to your readers if they use this code until January 15th (all they have to do is enter it on the registration page, there is no obligation or cost of any kind):
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Bids cost $1 at Bidazzled and are available for purchase in bid packs as low as $25. You also receive bonus bids when you purchase a bid pack. The highest cost of a bid when you dilute the cost with the bonus bids you receive is only $.67 per bid and often much lower.

Bidazzled has a lucrative Viral Referral program.Wanna know about it?? You are free to do it. Just register and start off from there!! Enjoy the free ride! 🙂

Have a lovely time auctioning all that you want. May luck be yours! 🙂

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