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McKinney Texas, the popular historic civic center is always a blessing to many people including party-goers.. Ever heard of the popular popcorn store there?? If not make a visit.. You’ll love the ambience and more over the delicious and yummy popcorn they provide.. Ever tasted variety of popcorns?? Maybe just 1 or 2 or maximum 5! But just check this store to know loads of flavours.. 45 flavors!:O Everything is prepared right from the scratch here! So every popcorn and every flavour popcorn surely means so much to them and so we the customers can trust them for every cent we pay..
Just imagine getting such creatively designed bags and gifts at desirable prices. Birthdays come once in a year! These baskets of candies and popcorn will add extra effect to the party! Surprise your kid and their friends with this gift and this will surely to be the best for them.. The sweet smell will pull you in!! 🙂 Try every flavour right from the original(butter+lite salt) to the extravagant candied and savory flavours. WOW! Waiting to taste them.. Are you?? Simple you can even buy them online! They have it comfortable for their customers.

Tim and Kim Loyd are the owners(maestros) in this pop corn business.. This is their main source of business. Imagine this and you’ll surely wanna visit it atleast once..

the store inside is paneled in warm, rich wood paneling, candy and saltwater taffy is heaped open in barrels, and jars of chocolates line the walls”

Visit this page for the candy shop Picture

WOW! What a pleasant place to be in and taste your favorite flavour of pop corn..

Be a gourmet!


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