Mouth watering subs

Spencer Plaza, a very familiar and popular hub for everybody. I have visited that mall many times with my family and very few times with friends. My family always preferred eating at Saravana Bhavan or the food court in Phase I. My parents don’t prefer eating at SUBWAY or pizza corner.

I visited SUBWAY on phase III with my group. I was not very familiar with the subs that were available there. My friend ordered a 6 inch tuna with a big can of coke for me. I was quite annoyed as I was not able to follow any table etiquette but it was kinda okay as I was with my best friend. It was really tasty and very nice. We had a gala time together. By then only I came to know about the mayonnaise. I haven’t tasted it. My friend is a gourmet, so he is aware of all these stuffs and he updates me about all these stuffs. Well we had a very nice time there.

Subwich is another shop gaining popularity here in chennai. A stall is present near food world in cornan smith road. The prices are moderate and it’s nice. I’ve tried my hands on it.. It’s a good one. The veg sub costs around 35 and the non veg sub is 40.. They’ve got good sandwiches also.. Well I need not go to spencers to get it anymore. Hee Hee..

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