prior information about bad sites.

Doing online shopping or getting movie tickets or ordering any stuff that you want to be delivered right at your doorstep with your credit card was great fun long back until you came to know that your credit card number got stolen by the bad guys??? Too many people today suffer from fraud of their online bank accounts through spyware and phishing attacks, and children are being tricked to click on innocent looking links only to find offensive content.

If so just to avoid something so fishy from happening again visit SiteAdvisor and Scandoo.
These are not just simple sites. they will help the users so much. Both are free and they work differently and offer different features for quite the same things. They provide advance warnings of the sleazy and the offensive sites that you might visit without your knowledge.

Required Platforms:
It works well on both Windows as well as Macs and use several browsers.

What does SiteAdvisor provide??
-> uses a software plugin (which has to be downloaded and installed). The plugin that is used modifies the browser so that it can identify the bad sites. It works with IE as well as Mozilla Firefox. it works for popular browsers like Google,Yahoo and MSN. They rate the sites based on their analysis about various sites and there is no means of fraudulence. They are not being paid by sites to rate them.

What about Scandoo?
Uses more browsers. It asks for a keyword or a term to be inserted in order to provide results to users along with the search engine. Then it provides various markings on the sites after analysis. The plugin required is in the site and it also has to be downloaded and installed.

This green icon appears if you are on a safe and honest page.

If the site is bad the icon turns red. it identifies sites that contain scams.

when the site is not classified properly this symbol appears

Though these are not the perfect options they are better and helpful for the time being!!

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