“Star”ry Night

Turn of your bedroom lights and your ceiling disappears and you see hundreds of twinkling stars,moon,Saturn,spaceship, Aeroplane, rockets– the cosmic world revolves just above you.. It was one of my dream. After visiting Birla Planetarium when I was a kid, I was quite interested in having the cosmic world in my room. A one hour journey to the space gave me a great feeling.The effects were due to the various projectors.

We all know the magic of radium in watches and alarms. I found some of these packets named STAR MAJIC hanging in the roads of Bombay (now being called Mumbai) also available in Chennai. They have stars of various sizes and our universe that would fit in our room. Yes… Wont that be a wonderful experience to have the entire universe in our room. The easy self charging glow stickers are easy to stick and glows for hours. It is a perfect innovative and long lasting gift for anybody for any occasion. Have a simple and pleasant night journey to space… Happy sleeping.

P.S: Already I over-sleep and this is going to be even more exciting.. 🙂

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One Comment on ““Star”ry Night”

  1. hey jay
    starry nite hmmmmmm.but let me tell u.have u seen the movie the lion king?this is one scene i like a lot.Its like the Poomba asks Timon hey ever wonder what those bright little spots are which are on the sky?Timon replies saying that they are fire flies which have got stuck over there and Simba says the great kings of the past look at us here from there.ever wonder what those stars are really?I think they are much more than helium and hydrogen gases.But if someone sees the universe from their bed it will be definetly great and infact more romantic and i think there is also a poem by Shakespeare that has a theme like this.a different post from u.keep it going.

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