The transition from film to digital

We were digging through our ancestral assets.

Lets just stay we were going through our dusty storeroom. My father opened a 20 year old suitcase(24 year old). He was going through the medieval contents when he found a state of the art camera.(Pun intended).

It happened to be an unused nikon camera gifted to my father in the year 1984. It was state of the art when gifted to my dad. His friend had purchased it at the then Dubai shopping festival while heading back to New York.

This is an old EM series that Nikon has stopped producing a decade ago. While my dad had ideas of keeping it in the family museum( we don’t own one), i had other ideas.

Right now i’m going someplace to find out how lucrative my first brain wave is……………..

Wish me luck…….

I’ll Be BACK…… 😀

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