What’s on my mind??

Somehow neglecting my blog does not really make me happy even when I try all kinds of excuses. When I really want to convey my deepest feelings or thoughts, I’ve noticed that I do not post it in FB or twitter but do it endlessly in this blog of mine! Yes, this indeed is called a journal for its very purpose of sharing my thoughts and I write here when I feel 140 characters are merely not enough to convey my sheer source of enjoyment or sadness…
And the current reason to blog is…..
That one thing which I am in need of!! And that one thing which I have to prove that I can manage to keep it safe! Its that one thing which I will miss if I dont use it for a day! 🙁

I have finally laid my eyes on it!

But for now, I believe I’ve laid my eyes on the right thing!
But the very thought of ‘it’ makes me happy!! So I guess its  right!! 😀 😀
But will I get it???
I love its look!
Its got the bold look with bold features! 😀
If i dont talk, I chat!! 😀 I want to make it as write! 😛
But keeping it safe is a doubt!

Yes, its the Blackberry Bold. 

My history holds no good when it comes to mobile phones! I don’t want to call myself careless, but, but, my DAD tells me that!! Phew! So, my chances of getting a new phone is very less!! 🙁 Still, one fine day I’ll manage to convince my dad for this phone with the first and foremost assurance that I will not drop the phone! 😐 (This is gonna be damn difficult for me!!!) I always buy phones for its features – yes!
convenience – Yes!
But crucial of all, is the ability of the phone not to dismantle itself every time i drop it down! 😐 My nokia brick model was my best so far!! 😀 I loved it!! But since I talk lots, my phone was not able to withstand and it broke down! 🙁 Well, I did get other phones.. If the status of the ever best brick model was this, what do you think is the status of the other phones!! Reading this do not think I am a careless person! I am not one!! 😉

When I can do all things I like using this phone, then what I require is the Phone!! 🙂 Maybe I can tell him, if he gets me a phone, i’ll reduce my talking speed and my talking as such!! 😀 He should be real happy about this!! Dad, please please!!! 😀 😀 😀 

Thinking of all possible reasons to convince him!! 😀

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2 Comments on “What’s on my mind??”

  1. That's quite tricky girl. Try trading something with your dad, work most of the time just be careful what you trade for you might regret it. Good Luck!

    Mrs Ted

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