A Mother In Her

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Numbed are my senses, 
Every time I see your photo on the wall,
Tears roll down my cheeks,
I miss your warmth and love, Mom!

Dad, brother and I have shifted to his sister’s place,
“Are you watching me from the skies?”, 
Aunt told me you are!
Floods have changed our lives forever.

From mother’s love to aunt’s hands,
I don’t know how to express myself,
I can’t even speak properly,
What can a 2-year old do anyway?

Aunt works extra houses to feed me,
She carries me everywhere she goes,
I see these people everyday,
Some are kind to us, some are not!

In one of the houses, an old lady plays with me everyday,

She waits with toys and laughs with me,
I call her grandmother and she gets excited,
She understands my world, I see my mother in her!

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