A tiresome day

A day at the shasthri bhawan is more than enough to drain out all the energy saved for the next 2 days. I did not go there even to fill my application or even submit it. Inspite of that i was supposed to visit shasthri bhawan for th mistake that was done by the officials regarding my name that was printed in my passport. Already they took an extra month to deliver my passport tat too with mistakes. 🙁 How careless they must be?

It took me nearly 2.5 hours to meet the person sitting at the counter just after all to tell me that i should write a requisition letter. When i asked who am I to address it to, the reply came “dont you know to write a requisition letter?”. He did not bother to listen to my query. He asked me to come in the long queue again just to get the letter signed. Again when I met him I tried explaining him about the issue i am here for, after which I knew that this person knows nothing other than finding the status of the passport. He signed my letter with out even reading the content and told me to go to the second floor. I went there and again there was no order for the queue. I was sent in to meet a officer and I told him about the mistake and I pointed out that the mistake was done by them and not my me. I was already told by my parents before leaving my home not to talk harsh to the people there as that will only delay MY work. I showed them all the proofs after which to that person checkin my passport did not agree. He told in a quite angry manner that if the mistake was mine then he will cancel the passport and i have to re-apply by paying Rs.1000 and if it was their’s they would give me a new passport in just a week. I was confident enough that the mistake was on them. But he was quite harsh. I was asked to come back in the evening as they would tell me the next step after checking my file that they had.

When I went there in the evening I was welcomed in a decent manner which made things clear that they have understood that the mistake is their’s and spoke in a really polite manner. And the same official told me that i would get my passport in a week or so. Though I was relieved they should surely follow some way to put things under control and finish the requests of the public as soon as possible.

This is a lot of stress for the public. No proper counters or proper boards are present to direct the public to the respective departments in the passport office. In this case only a thought for privatization comes. So its going to really better if the government does something useful for the public..

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