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My 2020 Bookish Pact!

This year comes with a lot of conditions. Don’t worry, it’s nothing as serious as it seems. 🤭 It’s all about books and my small pact to explore and clear a part of my TBR! I was busy piling up my Bookshelf that I forgot to pick one and start ….

Books- My companion

Library is not just a room of books. Real world and all characters exist in the library and I enjoy visiting my school library when ever I can. When I was at school, I spent so many hours in the library. My school librarian during those times was the best ….

A must read classic!

Maintaining a relationship is becoming a difficult task. The increase in the divorce rater proves it. Many people take so much to sustain a relationship, nurturing a relationship is different. In the process they tend to lose their ownselves. Without minding much about their own needs or their own dreams ….