Mystery shopping!

Seems like you’ve heard it right. No! Then go ahead! you’ll have an idea of what it is and what you should do to become one at the end of this post!!

Well its all about increasing sales and improving employee customer service awareness in businesses. This involves questionnaires and detailed narratives. This
concept gives the top level management or the board members and the owner a clear picture about the customers perception about the company’s products. It is advantageous because the comments or opinions from the customer is unbiased and it gives a better idea about what they exactly want and how.

This kind of a business is something that anyone can do. Housewives have

a very good chance to make easy bucks by mystery shopping. It doesn’t

stop with just home-makers, there are a lot of young girls and guys getting

into this and its becoming a hot job right now in india.

All you have to do is register online with the agencies,you are actually paid to try out services and offers according to your profile and preferences! It is helpful and people can make 25k to 1L per year! The payment varies according to the nature of the assignments. One such is by evaluating the business and filling an online feedback.

What does your payment include?

Your cheque at the end of the month usually includes an assignment fee + reimbursement for shoping to a certain limit.

Wat should you do?

Mystery shoppers are paid on behalf of thier retailers to visit their establishments as normal customers,perform specific tasks, be it purchasing a product,asking questions,registering complaints or behaving in a certain way and then they should provide a detailed report or feedback about their experiences.

Becoming a legitimate mystery shopper for a legitimate company doesn’t cost anything. Here’s how to do it:

* Search the Internet for mystery shopping companies that are accepting applications. Legitimate companies don’t charge an application fee. Many accept applications online.

* Do some homework about mystery shopping. Check libraries or bookstores for tips on how to find companies hiring mystery shoppers, as well as how to do the job effectively.

* Visit the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) website at for information on how to register to be a mystery shopper with a MSPA-member company, a database of available jobs, and additional information on the industry in general.

What is the whole purpose?

It helps the organisations to evaluate products on offer and service levels of staff as well as to help improve their business in today’s competitive world.

There are a lot of scams that take place too! take care! shop well! earn well!

So ready to become a mystery shopper and earn money! Go ahead and grab your opportunities!

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