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Do you remember the last time you played with your colleagues? Yes, colleagues! Not the usual office party games or the treat days that we spend outside. The one like Paintball. The one that involves the entire team to really play as a team. The one where we have fun and still learn from it. The one that makes our grey cells work and gives us an adrenaline rush. I hardly remember finding anything of those sorts now. The trampoline jumps or the theme park games are really games of the past.

A Jail Break Adventure – Which movie does this remind you?

What would it be like to play themed games? Especially the ones adapted from movies or books? Would you love to play them? Would you just like to be a part of them? Only some movie plots pull us to the edge of the seat. Similarly, only some book sequences makes us turn pages quickly wanting to know what happens next. That’s exactly what ParanoiaQuest makes you do. It makes you relive the experiences by being part of their escape rooms. I loved the following ideas:

  • Remember the Harry Potter Maze in the Triwizard Tournament. How would you like to escape from it by resolving three dangerous tasks? How about playing this with your colleagues?
  • How about a jail breaking experience in a escape room on a date night? 
  • Would you like to be a part of the zombie  apocalypse team? The only special team force who could save the world in just 60 minutes. Wouldn’t it be ideal to play with family and friends?
  • How about taking the kids out on a virtual reality adventure? Let them become puzzle savvy instead of phone savvy!
  • How we used to sit on the edge of our seats during the bomb diffusing scenes of our favorite movies? Why not go ahead and diffuse one yourself at the escape rooms?
  • How many of you are inspired by Indiana Jones? I am sure they have a great adventure for you.
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Paranoia Quest – Escape the Room

Escape rooms Duluth offers more adventures than what I have listed here. All the quests are interesting genres which I am sure all of us would thoroughly enjoy. The success rates of a few are less than 10%. The number of participants vary between two to ten according to the adventure and the complexity. To any puzzle, timing is the key, it is the same here too. Tasks vary from ten minutes to sixty minutes. It is one of the best team building activities and a great hit at the corporate level. If you want to engage your kids in outdoor activities, these escape rooms will interest them as they depict movies. It is also a great couple game on a date night as well as a good treat outing with friends and family. There is entertainment for everyone in there and that’s what makes it a real deal.

So, Would you love to escape the room?

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