Freedom with Airtel- RC64 pack

I have always enjoyed using Airtel as they provided pretty good offers and good service for me till date.Now its party time for Airtel customers. Airtel customers now get their sheer share of enjoyment of talking at 1p/sec to all other Airtel family members.  Airtel provides almost a year’s validity for this scheme. Talk to any friend from Kashmir to Kanyakumari @ 1p/sec with airtel. Best in signal and best in service. When huge numbers are shifting towards other service providers, this scheme is a necessity to sustain its customers. Though the long time users will always remain, it is still necessary to improve the growth of youth in this network as they are the best revenue generators, right from taking up the RC60 for 22000 msgs till the RC149 pack for talking at 10p/min all day long and all night too!! Well to tell about the best advantage and the main need that people would like to switch to Airtel is the signal that is pretty nasty in DOCOMO. But I would just like to provide one reminder to all using any scheme possible.
Make sure you check the amount before and after the call for confirmation and sometimes the balance of the previous day and the current day. There happens to be certain reduction in the amount for some of my frenz overnight.

But if your frenz are using some other service provider and still you wanna get connected make sure you take up a docomo connection .To say the truth, signal is getting better day by day!
One more important information that I would like to say is the validity period of this booster pack. It is 1 yr. They provide airtel to airtel 1p/sec local and STD. But they charge you 25p for each msg! 🙁 Though it is fine to talk to few it is sometimes difficult to keep the conversation short as some people always take the advantage of saying 1p only na,talk for sometime!! So that alone sucks sometime!!

P.S: People whose family n partner n  frenz r outside go for airtel you can also enjoy using conference if you have an entire group of AIRTEL pals

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