A formidable/awful week that passed!

HI all!!
How have you all been??
It has been a week since I had updated my blog with any posts.
My Net connection is not proper and I had to travel all the way to my aunt’s place which is two lanes away from my house 🙂
Well at least that i have got a chance to write down something about the troublesome week that got over.
This one was definitely not the week to go gaga about but still I have to tell about the special weekend that made me let go the bad happenings of this week.
The first and foremost bad thing that happened earlier in the week is about the accident that made me cry:(  Yes, the accident happened to my dad and it was very dis-heartening to know that it happened while he was riding his bike back home for lunch from office. He has a lot of bruises on his hands and legs, a big bulge on the forehead(yes he did not wear helmet but i’ll definitely say why it turned out advantageous) few cuts on the knee,a slight scratch on the nose. I know how painful it would be, i would have been crying my heart out if i was in his position but he hasn’t shown a slightest expression of pain till now. He s a very brave and a strong person. I am very proud of him. He was actually hit by another biker from the behind who had tried to overtake my dad when my dad was about to take a right turn. To everybody’s amazement(as they call it), the guy did not stand back to say a sorry or to lift my father, instead he dint bother to stop there at the place. What a mean-hearted person? Not a bit of humane behavior he showed. Well, right now my father is safe and now I come to the point of talking about the helmet. It has only helped in this situation. (So do not go by this) If he had worn the helmet he would have injured his chin and all his teeth would have fallen off.  Well not a good sign. Well this was the first incident in the week that made me feel depressed.
Whereas the second was not definitely bad as this, but it is still a little lesser than bad. I had left my mobile in my bus. How did this happen?? I don’t generally leave even my tupper-ware there. Well i dozed off and when I woke up suddenly to check whether the bus had crossed my stop i saw a message from my friend in Pune. Well i replied back in half sleep. Then since there was almost 20mins more for me to get down i decided i’ll go back to sleep, though not a sound one and this is when few things had happened. Calculating about the time i got to sleep i miscalculated about the place the mobile has to be kept. I opened my bag’s front zip to keep my mobile and also closed it thinking i had kept it in. The stupid thing that happened in between was that i had kept the mobile on the empty seat next to me thinking that i left it inside my bag and even carefully closed the zip. Now I really laugh at my stupidity. My parents had been calling me to confirm where i was. I had got down by then. But I dint hear a single ringing of the mobile. Still I remember that I had made up my mind not to talk especially on that day after getting down as it was quite dark and that I might become a little careless. If only I had tried to talk I would have saved my mobile that night itself. When I reached home my sister came jumping and asked
Sis: “Where’s your phone?”
Me: Inside my bag. Thought of not talking while walking on the road.
Sis: Dad n mum were trying to reach you to ask where you were?
Me: I dint hear my phone ringing!
Dad: How will you hear it ringing if it was in the bus?
Me: Wat??? Have I left it there?
Mum: Great, she is not even shocked about this..
Dad: Some guy picked up the phone and said that he was your colleague and that you had left the mobile in the bus and asked you to call him after half an hour.
Me: Oops, i don’t know who he is. Did you ask his name?
Dad: I asked but it was quite similar to suburu or something.
Me: I am definitely not gonna get this name properly. I’d better call and ask which department he belongs to.
Dad: He asked you to call him after half an hour.
Me: OK, nothing to worry then.. My phone is safe.(winked)
Dad: Careless gal!
Me: (smiled at him)
Sis: You need it di!! 🙂
Me: Wat a great timing to appreciate me!Thanks..
Sis: Warn that guy about the countless alarms that you have set for the morning.
Me: Let that person wake up at least early tomo!! 🙂
Called that person who had my phone and got his details.
Called him in the morning while I reached office and got my phone from him.

Good god at last i got my phone.

The next thing  and the final incident that happened was on Friday. I was in the verge of starting back home, when my TL came and told that I had some more work to be done and if it is not completed now i’m supposed to work in the weekends. He in the first place expected me to tell him voluntarily that i would work in the weekends. I couldn’t afford to work for the next two weekends as I would be definitely busy with my dad’s hospital work to be completed. So i stood without opening my mouth for anything he said. He knew i had tried my best to complete the work right from the morning and that the system was not responding or throwing any errors to continue further. Then he told, fine, try n make sure it is completed by Monday EOD. I was like, thanks so much and moved out as fast as i can before that person changes his mind.

Well quite a hard week, will tell you about my weekend tomo. Coz right now my father wants me there!! 🙂


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