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Past…. A way we lived. 

As my travelling time is almost 4 hrs to and fro to work, I have all the time in the world to check out the road outside my bus. The wackiest thoughts are about the number of turned over cars,lorries, sometimes even tractors and any other vehicle lying on the road dismantled covered by blood and flesh. Every time I find any vehicle on any side of the road in an awkward position then it is a symbol of accident. 

The Highways has seen more to it. The sides of the National Highways and State Highways are mostly covered by a lot of bushes and thickened by trees. When you look into the depths of those sides you’ll find some vehicle that had met with an accident long back. Losing some of my mom’s cousins in a car accident has made her avoid such scenes on the highways whereas my mind opens up for these inquiries. I know this must be weird. Right from my college days, I am seeing stuffs like this and so accidents for instance has become a part of daily routine and nothing more. 

But when I was contemplating about these minor and major road accidents the only thought that was constantly revolving in my mind was ‘Were they with their family after a happy outing/trip?’ ‘Did they ever know that this would be their trip straight to the gates of heaven/hell?’

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There are so many other questions left unanswered………..

Who are we to blame in an accident? 
Do the stressed life style add to the increase in accidents? 
Is accident a mistake every time? 
Why we people don’t dare to show any kind of humanistic disciplines even in the scenes of accidents?
When people are curious to see accidents why are we not curious enough to help?
Why are a lot of school vans meeting with accidents now-a-days?

Why the hell do we need money and power when it is of no use to anyone?
Why on the face of the earth are people running behind money and power?
Is money worth without the power?
Is power worth without money?
Why do people spend their life and soul for the sake a small appreciation?
Why people who try to be perfect mostly end up having a trauma?
Why on earth am I thinking of all this??????????

List continues..

Why is it always easy to ask questions than to find answers??


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  1. "currency" the only answer that fits for every question or somehow the answers ends there. you will keep adding to the question list until we get out of materialistic life and live our ancestors natural life… which is not possible as we have walked a long away from them… takes the same long distance to go back.

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