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I never really knew,
We had to cut through,
To know where we stand,
When it doesn’t even look very grand,
As a girl child,
I am always expected to reconcile.

Maybe I lived in a dream,
Without knowing everything was a scheme,
When I became a graduate,
I never knew I was a marriage bait,
When I started working,
I never knew it was just to save for my wedding!

I had dreams aplenty,
Until my twenties,
I rebelled for a long time,
I was treated like I committed a crime,
All that I need,
Is to dream again and sow the seeds.

I must admit,
That I was never unfit,
But made to feel that way,
So I will never have a say,
I am here to have a go at it,
And preach to others not to fall into that pit.

We the women,
Are here to stay,
Let our barriers break away,
It is our time anyway,
Let us teach our little girls to dream,
And believe they are always supreme.

Come what may,
We must stay
With our heads held high
And not one bit shy,
For who we are,
And take pride in coming so far.

We have every right,
To question with deep sight,
A shift that brings light,
And changes our plight,
To make our future bright,
Because we are our own knight!

I am excited to participate in #MyFriendAlexa Campaign by Blogchatter. I am taking my blogging to the next level!

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